JSC “Construction Technologies and Machinery” ( Khvalynsk, Saratov region) has been designing, manufacturing and installing the equipment for technology of continuous vibratory moulding for concrete products for the domestic market and the CIS countries for about 10 years.
   Started with supply and installation of imported equipment, the company of “CTM” has developed and patented the design of its moulding machine, and then the entire range of the equipment for continuous vibratory moulding on long benches.
   The technology of continuous formless vibratory moulding on long benches allows to produce a wide range of concrete products, the manufacture of which the casting machine carries out on a heated floor (thermic stand).

   Our company provides comprehensive supply of the equipment for the industrial construction plants with a capacity from 30 to 150 thousand square meters of housing per year. These plants are able to produce a full range of concrete products for the construction of frame houses in non-seismic and seismic conditions (up to 7-9).
   All our developments are protected by patents of the Russian Federation. The plant of JSC “CTM” has started a thread-positional assembly line that allows to increase manufacture volumes up to 30 technological units per year. We have begun the creation of own research and manufacture base for improving of existing and developing of new technologycal complexes for construction industry .
   JSC “Construction Technologies and Machinery” is open for a dialogue with all stakeholders who care about the fate of the domestic engineering and construction industry.

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