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АО СТМ Панорама

   Engineering company «Construction Technologies and Machinery” is located in the ancient Russian town Khvalynsk of Saratov region, it specializes in developing continuous vibratory molding technology for concrete products and the designing, manufacturing and maintenance of the equipment for this technology.
   According to the integrated approach to the modernization of the sector specialists of “CTM” provide installation of “full constructed” equipment. Our first project dates back to 2010, when the company in Mamadysh, Tatarstan, installed and successfully launched into commercial operation the first developed by JSC “CTM” domestic tech-nology of continuous vibratory moulding.
   Today we can say that the experience and knowledge acquired by the staff of the company for 10 years of successful activity made it possible to organize a modern machine-building enterprise on the basis of the former military-industrial plant. Here are some facts testifying to the successful development of the company:

  • the company employs 200 people and is expected to further development ;
  • all our developments are protected by patents of the Russian Federation;
  • the geography of our supplies covers the whole territory of Russia and CIS countries;
  • modernization of the plant gave an opportunity to increase the volume of output to 30 sets per year.

   The year 2012 showed a qualitatively new level of our company development. In collaboration with machine builders of Belarus, academic institutions of Moscow and Samara, Yekaterinburg and design organizations of Almaty, with the active participation of the National Association of the Construction Industry Participants we have acquired the character of scientific and industrial cluster. The result of such cooperation is preparation for the launch of new types of technological equipment: equipment for crushing , mechanical and chemical activation and nanoсapsulation of different dispersions, equipment for mass production of the wall elements made from the encapsulated expanded claydite.
   Interest in our products shown by domestic builders and the expanding geography of demand provide the confidence in the future and the future prospects of the company development .